How to Call in a Late Package Refund Request for FedEx

A simple guide for calling in late FedEx packages

Have a late package?

If you have a late FedEx package, you may be entitled to a refund. FedEx allows customers to request a refund for packages even a minute late and it is your right to get your money back if FedEx fails to live up to their standards. If you think that your package is late, first check these three important points.

  1. Check the commitment date on the package. It may not be what you think (How to check commitment date guide)
  2. Check the package’s tracking for weather events, custom delays, or other unavoidable delays
  3. Is your package’s ship date, or invoice date, within 15 days?

Does it still look late? Get your Money Back!

As a customer of FedEx, you have two primary methods of getting a refund on a late package. You can either call in to FedEx’s toll-free number, 1800 622 1147 or you can fill out a refund request through FedEx’s Billing Adjustment page. In this guide we will cover how to request a late package refund from FedEx through their 1800 number.

Step 1. Call 1800 622 1147

This is one of many FedEx customer service numbers and will serve most purposes through an automated menu. You can always press zero to talk to a real person.

Step 2. Press 4

This will take you to the billing adjustment menu.

Step 3. Walk through the menus

You will need to press 1 to select that it is a late package refund request and then follow the instructions, entering your invoice number and tracking number. If you paid your invoice with a credit card, you will have to be transferred to a customer service representative who will help you complete your request.

Step 4. Understanding the results

FedEx may approve your request on the spot or it may give you one of several responses to your late package refund request including rejections and that the request is being processed. The most common reason for a request to be rejected will be a weather delay and even if your tracking is clear of weather delays, it is possible for a weather delay to have occurred and simply not show up in your tracking.

My package was late but my request got denied?

Sometimes FedEx makes mistakes and you can always talk to one of their representatives by calling 1800 622 1147 and pressing zero. If you are a business you may be interested in our Small Package Auditing service which is capable of submitting millions of late package claims on your behalf and following all of them up at no added cost to you.

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