How to Request a Refund from FedEx Online

FedEx's online refund system is currently broken. Check our Call-in Guide

Have a late package?

If you have a late FedEx package, you may be entitled to a refund. First check these three key points to make sure that your package’s charges have a chance at being refunded.

  1. Check the commitment date on the package. It may not be what you think (How to check commitment date guide)
  2. Check the package’s tracking for weather events, custom delays, or other unavoidable delays
  3. Is your package’s ship date, or invoice date, within 15 days?

Does it still look late? Get your Money Back!

As a customer of FedEx, you have two primary methods of getting a refund on a late package. You can either call in to FedEx’s toll-free number, 1800 622 1147, or you can fill out a refund request through FedEx’s Billing Adjustment page. In this guide we will cover how to request a late package refund from FedEx through their Billing Adjustment page. FedEx’s Billing Adjustment Page is currently not working. Please refer to our FedEx call-in guide.

Online Directions 

1. Go to FedEx’s Billing Adjustment Page

Select either ground or express and whether you pay via a FedEx invoice or credit card

Billing Adjustment Online

2. Fill in the Tracking Number and Invoice Number, or the last four digits of your credit card number

Capcha Screen edied

3. FedEx will then give you a response to your Refund Request. Bare in mind that weather issues are the most often reason for being rejected and that weather events are often not visible in your tracking

Confirm your Refund!

FedEx’s system will sometimes approve your refund but fail to process it meaning that you won’t always get the money that you’ve been promised. To check that you’ve actually gotten your money, log into your FedEx account at and check the invoice which the late shipment was billed to.


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